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Status: Released

Was just a quick patch that gets rid of something and pushes some things that were actually listed in the last patch that didn't quite make it in.

5.12[or]5.13 > 5.14 [Manual Incremental Patch]



- Removed 'stand-by' text with remote C4. Players can count to one second.

- Chem Troopers are now immune to damage from blue tiberium (like on Mesa II)

-Added all of those view fixes listed in the last patch.
  • January 20, 2016
Status: Released

Manual Patch [INCREMENTAL from 5.12 > 5.13]

Will Hot-fix the Remote C4 'stand-by' text soon.

Patch 5.13 Change list



+ Gunner: speed moved to 100 from 95


+SBH now loses stealth abilities at 50 health as opposed to 15. (Which was never updated when health



-Both Teams-

+ Remote C4 'delay' reduced to 1 second from 1.5. [The 'Detonator' text is currently bugged on servers. Ignore it]

+ Marksman Rifle : increased magazine back to 10

+ Carbine/Supressed Carbine : Spread reduced, Base damage increased from 10 to 12.

+ Repair Tool price decreased to 200 from 250


+ FlameThrower: Range reduced 20%


+ Stealth Tank damage modifier vs. MCT reduced to 2.5x from 4x

Bug Fixes

+ Switching between 1st/3rdperson doesent offset the point looked at anymore (or just very slightly)

+ Fixed vehiclesprint turningspeed reductions not being synced between server and clients which resulted in jerky movements when turning at sprintspeeds

+ Fixed turrets not giving points for heals/damage

+Fixed everyone using the LCGs volume modifier on certain footstep sounds


+ Beacons now divi out points like buildings (E.G, you get the percentage that you actually disarmed.)

+ Friendly Airstrike messages now include their spotting location

+You can no longer change your name in competitive games
  • January 18, 2016
I could be fancy; I could be incredible; I could just post and run. Come to think of it, the last option sounds about right, right now.

Indeed, patch 5.12 is now available via the launcher, and build 5G is now available now that all original maps have been updated with the correct lighting. From here on out, it should be nothing but minor bug fixes, balance fixes, and added content (namely maps).

I didn't release a manual patch with this one, but I may do so if the demand is high enough. Just do keep in mind that there is a new build available for download on the downloads page, as well as the January, 2016 SDK.

You can find both of those at our handy dandy...


Now go blow things up and let me sleep at night =(

5.12 Changelist

User Interface

+ Q-spotting messages have been updated to include Unit type, and allow spotting of C4

Bug Fixes

+ Fixed EVA not giving 'Building Under Attack' messages when a building had under ~10% HEALTH

+ Fixed Proximity Mines not doing the right damage when placed in certain areas.

+ Fixed maps with Day/Night cycles being able to be picked repeatedly.

+ Fixed seeking missiles sometimes doubling back towards whoever shot them

+ Fixed vehicle weapons sometimes shooting in awkward angles when aiming at certain objects


+ Building destruction is now worth 2000 points; up from 1875.

+ Buildings now give destroyed points based on the % of HEALTH a player was responsible for taking down [e.g: If you took down 5% of the health you would get 100 points/credits on the building's death.]


Both Teams


+ Engineer speed increased 10%

+ Tech/Hotwire: speed increased 10%; given Heavy pistol

+ Points for all infantry have been tweaked


+ Repair Tool: Mine disarm speed decreased; Heal rate decreased from 20 to 15; Ammo reduced to 250 from 400.

+ Remote C4: Damage vs. MCT slightly increased. Planting and detonating are now on the same reload delay.



+ Grenadier: speed slightly increased

+ Rocket Soldier: Speed slightly increased

+ Officer: Speed increased 10%

+ Gunner: Swapped SMG with an Unsuppressed Carbine, Speed increased slightly

+ Sydney Speed increased slightly


+ Volt Rifle: spread increased slightly




+ Flame Trooper: Armour reduced to 100 from 125

+ Officer: Speed increased 10%

+ Rocket Soldier: Speed slightly increased

+ LCG: Jump Height increased (Still not full); Footsteps made louder/heavier

+ Raveshaw: Speed slightly increased


+ Chemical Thrower: Damage vs. MCT reduced slightly

+ Silenced SMG base damage reduced to 7 from 8

+ Blue Tiberium Rifle: Base damage reduced to 22 from 24; Damage modifier vs. Flak reduced 10%; Damage vs. Kevlar reduced 10%; Spread increased slightly; Primary fire volume increased so the weapon isn't such a silent killer.


+ Updated Remaining maps to static lighting

+ Updated Soft World boundaries to be significantly harder to break

+ Fixed more spots where one could get out of the map

+ Fixed Lakeside ceiling


+ Airdrops are back on by default.

+ 16x Anti-aliasing no longer shows up on the options menu

+ Surrender votes tweaked to be slightly less sensitive to 'no' votes. So now 2 no votes don't counteract TEN yes's

+ Added Dev things. Don't piss us off =)

+ Slightly increased vehicle limits on some maps.
  • January 11, 2016
Auto Patch: LIVE
Manual Patch: Finished
(Post in this topic if the manual download has any issues)

SDK Manual Patch: Temporary Link

5.1 Manual download [Extract and move 'UDKGame' to you RenegadeX installation directory. Just press yes to replace the files inside]

Renegade X Patch 5.1 Manual Download


Temporary SDK Download Link


Well then, 2015 was definitely a year: we had our ups and downs, and it was nice to see the community grow in some places, and shrink in less places. We still keep up the 2 servers on the weekends, and always the full server on the weekdays. Shout out to the one and only DoctorB0ng for being an outright stellar server administrator. Heck, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here... and oddly enough, vice versa.

With that sappy nonsense out of the way, I'd like to present the release of patch 5.1. Why not patch 5.005? Well, because this patch introduces more than enough changes to warrant being in the tens place... that's why! On top of that, it means I will be able to avoid having to update the launcher so that the 3rd number doesn't hang off.

With the release of 5.1, I'll finally also release an update to the SDK so that mappers aren't working with totally out of date technology. I may even release a new build to download in the next week or so, just so not everybody has to download this ~1GB patch through the launcher.

Indeed, 5.1 will likely be a roughly 1GB+ patch for most, just as a heads up for all of those who aren't on the greatest of internet. Most of this is due to map changes, of which require you to re-download entire, if not partially entire, maps.

Projected release of this to the launcher is sometime in the next hour of this post. Namely just waiting on a dead spell. As for updating the SDK, I'll do that sometime this week.

5.1 Changelist:


Infantry Armor:
-Swapped Health and Armor numbers (Health is always 100)

-Armor now provides a defensive bonus, based on the infantry unit, while it is greater than 0

+Kevlar: Provides ~30% resistance to Gun weapons

+FLAK: Provides ~50% resistance to explosives, but a ~30% weakness to bullet-type weapons.

+Lazarus: Is only used by the SBH, and has a weakness to electrical damage.

**Snipers, Tiberium weapons and all energy weapons (including the Railgun), ignore armour modifiers.


Repair Tool

+Added Repair Tool to "Items" menu

+The Repair tool DOES take up the item slot, and WILL replace a beacon or an airstrike if you buy

it afterward

+The Repair tool only has 400 ammo, but recharges itself over time while sitting idle, or not equipped. It can NOT

be refilled. 400 ammo can literally JUST get you through disarming a beacon or capturing a silo.

-All infantry now have their own base speed value


Removed purchasable sidearms,* sans repair tool




Rifleman/Shotgunner: Given Kevlar armour

Grenadier: Given FLAK armour. Armour increased to 125, Speed reduced 10%

Engineers: Given FLAK armour. Armour reduced to 75, Speed Reduced 15%

Marksman: Given Kevlar armour, Armour reduced to 75

Officer: Given Kevlar armour and smoke grenades. Speed reduced 10%

Rocket Officer: Given FLAK armour and AT-Mines. Speed reduced 10%

McFarland: Given Kevlar armour, armour reduced to 125, Speed increased 10%

Patch: Given Kevlar armour, armour reduced to 175, Speed increased 15%, Given frag grenades.

Gunner: Given FLAK armour, speed reduced 10%, Given EMP grenades, Given Machine Pistol.

Deadeye: Given Kevlar armour, Armour reduced to 150, Given smoke grenades, Speed reduced 10%, Given Heavy pistol

Hotwire: Given FLAK armour, armour reduced to 125, Speed reduced 10%

Mobius: Given Kevlar Armour, Given Heavy Pistol

Sydney: Given FLAK Armour, speed reduced 10%, Given Heavy Pistol, Given AT-Mines, Given EMP Grenades

Havoc: Given Kevlar Armour, Armour reduced to 200, speed reduced 10%, Given Carbine; Remote C4 removed.


Rifleman/Shotgunner: Given Kevlar armour

FlameThrower: Given FLAK armour. Armour increased to 125

Engineers: Given FLAK armour. Armour reduced to 75, Speed Reduced 15%

Marksman: Given Kevlar armour, Armour reduced to 75

Officer: Given Kevlar armour and smoke grenades; Armour Reduced to 125

Rocket Officer: Given FLAK armour and AT-Mines. Armour reduced to 125

Chem Trooper: Given FLAK armour,

SBH: Given Lazarus armour, armour reduced to 150, Speed increased 7.5%.

LCG: Given FLAK armour, speed reduced 20%, Sidearm removed, Given EMP grenades, Given AT-Mines, Armor increased to

250, Jump height reduced 20%

BHS: Given Kevlar armour, Armour reduced to 150, Given smoke grenades, Speed reduced 10%, Given Heavy pistol

Technician: Given FLAK armour, armour reduced to 125, Speed reduced 10%

Mendoza: Given Kevlar Armour, Given Heavy Pistol, Given Blue Tiberium Rifle, Speed increased 7.5%

Raveshaw: Given FLAK Armour, Given Heavy Pistol, Given AT-Mines, Given EMP Grenades

Sakura: Given Kevlar Armour, Armour reduced to 200, speed reduced 10%, Given Silenced Carbine; Remote C4 removed.


Proximity C4:

+Damage increased significantly (2 should kill most free or tier 2 infantry that don't have FLAK armour; 3 should

handle most infantry that have Kevlar armour).

+Burn damage is ALWAYS applied as opposed to randomly now

+Proximity mines no longer explode through walls.

+Proximity mines are now deployed in the same manner as beacons/AT-Mines, meaning you actually need to stop to

re-mine an area, as well as being unable to mine walls.

All Grenades
+All grenades have INFINITE ammo, but with fairly significant cooldowns on using them, rendering them more of a

class special ability than anything. They can not be refilled.

+Grenades reload even if you don't have them selected.

+All Grenade weapons are bound to "5" by default.

-Chem Sprayer: Range reduced 20%;

-Heavy Pistol: Hit-scan; Base damage set to 20; Headshot multiplier moved to 3; Heavy Vehicle damage greatly

reduced; Light vehicle damage reduced

-Carbine: Given silenced vs. Non-silenced version; base damage reduced; headshot multiplier slightly increased

-Machine Pistol: Given silenced vs. Non-silenced variants; Recoil increased; Spread decreased overall

-Silenced Pistol: Base damage > 10; Headshot multiplier > 3.5

-Sniper Rifle: Base damage 80 > 100; Headshot multiplier 3.75 > 3.0

-Laser Chaingun: Reload Time increased slightly; Magazine size 100>120; Given infinite ammo (Cuz... rechargeable


-Laser Rifle: Spread decreased; infinite ammo because rechargeable batteries.

-Nod Volt Rifle: Replaced with Blue Tiberium rifle

-Gunner's Rocket Launcher: Moved to client-side projectiles. Splash damage increased

-Tactical Rifle: Heavy armour damage reduced; Light armour damage reduced slightly ; Projectile speed increased


-Volt Auto Rifle: Spread decreased significantly. Rate of fire increased slightly.

-Automatic Rifle: Projectile speed increased ~20%

-Chaingun: Increased Projectile speed ~30%

-Remote C4: Damage to infantry reduced 20%

-Repair Gun(All of them): Disarm speed increased slightly

-Ramjet Rifle: slightly slowed down rate of fire to keep its ROF on par with the 500; Light armour damage


ALL* WEAPONS: Increased damage vs. MCT; increased overall ammo counts




Mammoth tank: Rate of fire decreased. Reload time increased. Damage increased.


Light Tank: Speed increased ~10%; turn speed very slightly increased

Stealth Tank: Missiles now use acceleration. Range Increased.

+Increased all vehicle's damage vs. MCT.... on the off chance you can ever hit it. [There is a bug where this

sometimes won't work right in first person]

+Increased Buggy/Humvee/APC damage vs. buildings


Map Changes:

Significantly lowered all mine limits in accordance with Proximity mine changes

Walls, Whiteout and Lakeside have had most invisible barriers removed. Soft Boundaries have been instated.

Islands: Fixed several areas where you could get out of the map or onto unintended places.

Field_Day: Made the sky look... better.

Most maps have gone through some optimization passes, and been converted to mostly static lighting.

Updated Training Yard


-Normalized all CText message's scales

-Removed 'Weapons' from the purchase menu

-Removed sidearm/explosive boxes from Purchase menu

-Proximity C4/Anti-Tank mines given a blue deploy bar while deploying.

-Building icons go red when there is less than 10% armour, as opposed to just 0. (Just so the icon stays red even

if the building is being repaired)

Bug Fixes:

-C4 is no longer removed from the inventory when expended, so the supposed C4 refill bug is fixed. (In reality, it

was a bug that you ever kept your C4)

-Mammoth's cannons should be only as prone to the no-fire bug as any other weapon now, so very rarely.

-The game now checks to make sure buying an SBH went through all of the way.

-You should no longer be able to mine-ban people on the other team

-Skirmish no longer spawns 32 bots no matter what you set it to

-Skirmish should actually take the settings you give it into account now [It still doesn't save them on exit

though... which is a pain]


-Removed Anti-bunny-hop from infantry

-Building repaired messages while using building armour should be less spammy now

-Moved most visual settings out of RenegadeX.ini and into XSettings.ini

-Redisabled speedtreeleaves by default.

-Possibly fixed PT crashes

-Increased force on nuke/ion explosions

-RCON mineban split into mineban and mineunban commands

-Developers given access to Tiberium Evolution skins at will

Known Issues:

Grenades start off saying that they're reloading to the client, even though they're not.

Several map-related issues that won't be discussed unless brought up.

The water on Whiteout does far more damage than intended

The ceiling on Lakeside blocks the camera if you're in third person and fly too high.

The alarm sound when you cross a level boundary is grating as all get out
  • January 3, 2016
The following is a Public Service Announcement to the Community on the topic of the recent server crashes caused by the Denial of Service attacks:

As most the Renegade-X players and hosts may already know, there are many Denial of Service attacks targeting the servers that anyone decides to host, via a surge of network traffic all instantaneously. The devs, in cooperation with server owners, have come a long way at figuring out ways to filter the traffic and getting servers back to being playable and enjoyable.

1) There are ways for hosts to filter traffic to try and prevent the crashes. If you need to inquire about it, ask for it in the server owners section or via PM.

2) The attacks are still frequent enough, but aren't as easy to pull off and don't always result in a crash. Just be aware of that.

3) The attacks aren't serious, it is really just an empty-ended source with no motivation, and the game continues with minimal damage.

4) It is a wise decision to keep positive in all discussion about the attacks, on the forums and in-game, if you would kindly do so. Nobody really has any interest in the attacks or their motive, so talking about it just perpetuates it you know?

5) It clutters the forum discussing the attacks on every thread on the forums, as well as creating 7 new threads in 5 different sections. So, we are going to try to keep discussion about the attacks in just 1 topic (this one), with few exceptions. If you create new topics just discussing the attacks, they will be merged or deleted, and if you have any important information to share for any reason, just post about it here, the server owners section if you can, or just PM directly to whom it may concern.

6) Thank you for bearing through it all, and knowing that the attacks are resource-intensive and time-intensive, both for the attacker and for the developers. There is only so long the attacks can continue, as little as they accomplish, and as little interest as they generate.
  • December 2, 2015

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